Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Love is?

Love is someone who you would do anything for, just to see a smile on her face.
Love is someone who could crush you with just one word.
Love is also someone who can bring sunshine to the cloudiest day.
Love is inspiration.
Love is a star to wish upon.
Love is hopeless.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Kitten Shaped Heart

 A few days ago, I lost a fury little friend. Her name was Rosie Rosita Conchita Consuela. AKA Bunny. AKA Hooker. (because she loved everybody) When I got her, I was actually in the market for a black kitten to contrast my big fat orange bubby, Jr. Farnsworth. When I got to the farm where Rosie was born, there was a cute little black kitten, but he wanted nothing to do with me. Little Rosie, on the other hand was right up in my grill from the get go. So I knew she was meant to come home with me. When I got home with her, my then girlfriend J-Ro, wasn't wearing her glasses, and couldn't tell that sitting on my shoulder, purring very loudly was what soon became her new best friend. It was priceless. J-Ro exclaimed, "What the hell have you brought home this time?!" because I was always bringing home wounded squirrels ravens, and various critters. We had a Russian Hamster named, Peanutbutter too.

 For the past year or two, Jr, and Rosie have been living with step mommy, R*. She took care and loved them both as if they were her own, while I have been away on hiatus in Florida. I am forever in debt to R* for taking such good care of my best friends.

 You are loved and missed sweet little Rosie.